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Californian Robotaxis to be managed by BestMile

05.06.2018 14:18

BestMile will integrate its software for optimizing highly automated vehicle fleets is with Renovo Aware, the first operating system built for automated mobility. The Lausanne startup will enable Renovos’s AWare OS to be fleet ready. The results of Bestmile and Renovo’s integration partnership will be shown later this year in San Jose, Calif., with a fleet of on-demand, door-to-door robotaxi services.

Bestmile’s technology enables highly automated vehicles to work together as intelligent fleets, delivering on-demand services with automated dispatching, traveler communication, route optimization, pooling, and energy and maintenance management. Advanced matching algorithms process traveler, vehicle and third-party data to send the right vehicle to the right place at the right time. Data intelligence and machine learning continuously improve system performance. Service providers use the platform to configure service areas, define key performance metrics such as vehicle utilization and wait times, and monitor services in real time.

Two weeks after BestMile was selected to join the 4-year AVENUE project consortium to test autonomous vehicle, it has won Revovo as their new partner. Renovo is a mobility software company is dedicated to accelerating innovation in Automated Mobility as a Service. Renovo is currently developing solutions for Renovo Aware, the first operating system built specifically for automated mobility. AWare provides powerful interfaces for today’s most advanced self-driving software with an ecosystem of partners and technology to help speed development.

Renovo has now chosen BestMile’s technology for the Renovo Aware. Renovo will integrate Bestmile’s Mobility Services Platform makes highly automated vehicles using Renovo’s AWare OS “fleet ready,” as using these vehicles regardless of type or the automated driving system. The results of Bestmile and Renovo’s integration partnership will be shown later this year in San Jose, Calif., when Renovo’s double-digit fleet of highly automated vehicles will be demonstrated, managed by Bestmile, in a configuration delivering on-demand, door-to-door robotaxi services.

According to Raphael Gindrat, CEO of Bestmile, highly automated vehicles must work together and use data from multiple sources to intelligently optimize performance for new mobility services to deliver on their promise to transform transportation. “We share Renovo’s vision of an open, interoperable, on-demand ecosystem where best-in-class technologies combine to bring about optimized automated mobility safely, quickly and economically. We are pleased to be a part of this ecosystem,” he concludes.

“With Bestmile joining this ecosystem, our customers deploying automated mobility fleets now have access to Bestmile’s technology which offers a leading comprehensive technology suite to manage them. We will be using Bestmile’s Mobility Services Platform to help manage the Renovo fleet in California,” said Chris Heiser, co-founder and CEO of Renovo.


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