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MindMaze acquires Gait Up

09.06.2017 13:19
Gait Up sensor

MindMaze has announced the acquisition of Gait Up, a spin-off of the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) and the Swiss Institute of Technology of Lausanne (EPFL). Gait Up's motion analysis and biomechanics experts will join MindMaze.

Established in 2013, Gait Up strives to stay at the forefront of innovation with advanced wearable technologies. The Gait Up founders have started working on motion analysis 15 years ago. Driven by medical applications, the technology created by the startup is the most advanced of its kind. Over the years, the software has evolved to include sports applications like swimming and running.

The investment pairs Gait Up’s miniaturized, hyper-accurate motion measurement and analysis technology and team with MindMaze’s proven neurotechnology platform to bring advanced movement classification and analysis to enhance human performance. The terms of the deal are not disclosed.

“With Gait Up’s unrivaled motion analysis technology, we’ll transport human movement in all its dynamic range to virtual worlds”, comments Tej Tadi, MindMaze’s CEO.

“From the research we began 15 years ago, our vision has been to change the way we measure and make sense of human motion,” explains Benoit Mariani, CEO and co-founder of Gait Up. “Adding our motion tracking technology to MindMaze’s suite of solutions creates exciting new possibilities for industries far beyond our healthcare roots.”

MindMaze is pioneering a breakthrough computing platform that captures brain activity upon intent, creating a new operating system for computers - a brain O/S. Based on a decade of rigorous testing in the healthcare industry, the company has designed an intuitive mind/machine interface, which utilizes pre-realtime decoding of brain signals via neural prediction. Its innovations based are poised to transform industries, starting with healthcare and gaming. Founded by Tej Tadi in 2012, the company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland with U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, CA.


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