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Intento receives support from the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences

15.06.2017 08:27

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Intento has been awarded a new grant from the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. The funding will enable a research collaboration betwen Intento and the University of Lausanne to investigate the physiological mechanisms promoting the large motor recovery observed after the use of Intento devices on stroke patients.

Intento, an award winning EPFL spin-off, develops a device and digital health solution for stroke rehabilitation. The company has been granted support from the Schweizerische Akademie der Technischen Wissenschaften (SATW, the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences) for a joint research project in collaboration with the University of Lausanne (UNIL), under the context of the SATW Transferkolleg projects.

The grant will enable Intento and a team of researchers led by Dr. Paolo Ruggeri and Dr. Jérôme Barral, Brain Electrophysiology Attention Movement Laboratory, to investigate brain activity changes during use of the Intento device as compared to traditional forms of electrical stimulation.

If successful, the data collected in this project has the potential to provide further, solid evidence to support the adoption of Intento devices for stroke rehabilitation. Ultimately the study may enable Intento to further improve the efficacy of its solution.

Intento’s solution helps severely paralyzed stroke patients recover motor function in upper limbs even several years after the stroke. The solution is based on functional electrical stimulation and does not require any prior knowledge on electrode placement or involve complicated steps to configure the system, as opposed to other solutions on the market.

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