Four new CTI Startup Label Companies

24.06.2016 13:22

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Four new startups with a common goal of improving human health have been bestowed with the CTI Label. These include Mabimmune Diagnostics, noonee, Relief Therapeutics and Topadur Pharma.

Three of the start-ups awarded the CTI Startup Label are biotech companies with innovative treatments addressing some of the most the common issues affecting the population including foot ulcer, and heart attacks; and the other start-up has introduced a “chairless chair” to give industrial workers the possibility to switch between sitting and standing instantly.

Topadur Pharma AG, Schlieren
Topadur, a Zurich-based biotech start-up, focuses on the development of new treatments for diabetic foot ulcer, chronic wounds and scars and keloids. Topadur’s lead R&D programs are local active, highly potent and dual mode of action drugs. In April Topadur raised CHF2.2 million a financing round with business angels and a cantonal bank, and also reported that the company will receive financial support of worth CHF 1.2 million for a CTI and a Eurostars project.

Relief Therapeutics SA, Genève
Relief is a clinical stage biotechnology company. Its most advanced program aims at providing a cure for the affections associated with degeneration of the peripheral nervous system (neuropathy). The main medical product candidate (MPC) of Relief is Low Dose Interleukin-6. The rights to the intellectual property and its global commercialization have been secured by Relief from Merck Serono. Low Dose IL-6 is a neuroprotective MPC ready to enter clinical testing in patients addressing an unmet medical need in diabetic neuropathy. Late December, Relief Therapeutics disclosed its intention to go public in which it announced that they had signed an agreement with THERAMetrics to combine their businesses through an exchange of shares. This procedure was approved by all shareholders and Board of Directors of THERAMetrics at their annual meeting in May.

noonee AG, Rüti ZH
Founded in 2014, the Zurich based noonee has developed a wearable technology which enables factory workers to sit down while working without the necessity of a chair. The light, low-cost and energy-efficient device, which is worn on the legs, enables free movement of workers in any direction and position, helps to relieve the stress on leg muscles and joints. Once activated, the chairless chair holds the users’ bodyweight in the positions of his choice. The chairless chair has already been tested by companies such as Volkswagen.

Mabimmune Diagnostics AG, Schlieren
Mabimmune is biotech startup in Schlieren that develops human antibody-based immunotherapies to treat cancer and cardiometabolic diseases. 

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