Diviac and Suunto announce major partnership

22.06.2015 16:51

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Another milestone for Diviac: After the launch of a mobile app, the going live of a booking website and the acquisition of a review website for scuba divers, Diviac announced a partnership with Suunto, the world’s largest manufacturer of dive computers.

Diviac is a Swiss-based start-up that was founded in early 2013 by two experienced business leaders with a shared passion for scuba diving and for all things digital. Their ambition with diviac is to reinvent the way divers log their dive history, connect with each other, as well as research and book dive related travel.

In the last months the start-up achieved several important milestones:

After having launched diviac.com, one of the world’s most popular cloud-logbook with users from over 135 countries, diviac has now released diviac.travel in Februray, with the simple ambition of becoming the Booking.com of scuba diving.

“What differentiates Diviac Travel from most competitors is the breadth and the depth of its content”, writes diviac in a blogpost. With over 10’000 dive centers/resorts and over 700 liveboards from around the world, the platform offers divers enough choice. And with a micro-website for each company with detailed information on service offerings, amenities, itineraries, photos and reviews, it certainly also offers great depth too.

In the future, the rich information provided by divers in their diviac logbooks will also be increasingly integrated into Diviac Travel, both as additional content and as ways of creating rich filters. For example, leveraging other divers’ marine life sightings, users will be able to search for the best location at any month of the year to spot any particular species.

End of April diviac announced that the start-up has acquired Scubadviser, one of the most popular and most visited review websites for scuba divers. With this acquisition, Diviac Travel gains access to all of Scubadviser’s rich content, boosting its already extensive database and establishing it as one of top sources of dive trip planning information in the world.

Last week diviac announced the partnership with Suunto. Connecting through Suunto’s DM5 software and the Movescount sports community, Suunto dive computer owners can now easily upload their dives to Diviac’s cloud-logbook, allowing them to access their logbooks from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

With Diviac, Suunto users can not only enrich their dive profiles with emotions, they can also explore dive destinations around the world, browse pictures and videos shared by other divers and read reviews of dive centers and dives sites. Diviac also offers an extensive marine database, containing thousands of species, which makes it easy to tag and organize all the fauna and flora discovered during a dive.

Picture: Fotolia.com, paulcowell

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