And the winners of >>venture>> 2015 are: CUTISS and Pregnostics

15.06.2015 20:40

The Jury and Advisory Board members chose CUTISS led by Daniela Marino as the best business plan and Prognostics as the best business idea project.

Monday evening the winners of >>venture>> 2015 have been announced at the award ceremony at ETH Zurich. Out of 95 business plans and 107 business ideas submitted, two medtech projects made it to the top.

1st place - best business plan: CUTISS (UNI Zürich)  Deep skin wounds heal badly, developing into debilitating, permanent, disfiguring scars that require intense medical and home care. CUTISS now offers individually customized, minimally scarring skin grafts bio-engineered from a small piece of the patient's skin. The start-up led by Daniela Marino (picture) wins CHF 60'000.

1st place - best business idea: Pregnostics (ETHZ) is developing a diagnostic tool that measures the cervical stiffness in pregnant women. Monitoring cervical stiffness allows to identify women at risk of preterm birth, thus solving the problem of preterm birth risk assessment in pregnancy.

2nd-5th place business plan >>venture>> 2015

2nd: Zurimed (ETHZ) Knee ligament injuries are among the most common and severe musculoskeletal traumas. ZuriMED is an innovative team specialized in orthopedic biomechanics and biomaterials that has developed a disruptive technology with potential to revolutionize anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Zurimed receives CHF30'000.

3rd:  Inositec (ETHZ) is a drug development project at the preclinical proof-of-concept stage with a small molecule for the treatment of Clostridium difficile infection, a bacterial infection of the colon that has become the most common health- care-associated infection. 

4th: Gamaya (EPFL) provides an integrated solution for large-scale monitoring and diagnostics of crops for precision agriculture. Gamaya acquires imaging data using sensors mounted on drones, and translates the data into actionable in- formation for farmers, such as optimum rates of application for fertilisers and crop protection chemicals, as well as early alerts for disease, pests and weeds. 

5th: The microGauge project (ETHZ) aims to develop and commercialize next-gene- ration pressure sensors for industrial vacuum coating systems. The proposed high-precision, full-range sensor offers means to replace up to four state-of- the-art sensors with one single compact gauge.

2nd-5th place business idea >>venture>> 2015

2nd: TapTools (ETHZ), a device developed for non-destructive testing. We believe that our product will be the next key technology in quality control testing. The novel technology goes beyond visual inspection and ensures comprehensive material characterization in a hundredth of a second.

3rd: Sun bioscience (EPFL) is a biotech company that provides next generation cell culture platforms. We specialize on making three-dimensional organotypic cultures faster, more efficient and more reproducible in order to develop better and new drugs and to define their efficacy in a patient-specific manner.

4th: Sensetag (ETHZ) We have developed a class of patent-pending, smart, inex- pensive, ultrasmall DNA-based tracers able to measure a range of properties (temperature, oxidative stress, light, pH) in challenging commercial, industrial, research or clinical settings (e.g. deep underground, within live cells).

5th: FireHUD (EPFL) helps firemen to see through smoke and darkness by showing a thermal image overlay on an augmented reality mask. This increases their situational awareness and capacity to search for victims, therefore making their work safer and more efficient.

Picture: >>venture>>/Alessandro della Bella

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