Which Swiss start-ups ABC News, FOX NEWS, Wallstreet Journal and CNBC consider as cool

20.06.2014 14:50

Several important media reported about Swiss start-ups recently: ABC news and FOX NEWS covered Flatev, The Wallstreet Journal published an article about Sherpany and CNBC selected Housetrip’s Junjun Chen as one UK tech industry’s top women entrepreneurs. In addition you will find the links to articles mentioning CloudSigma and Nezasa in our start-up press review.

ABC News: First Pod-Based Dough Machine Serves Tasty Flatbread

Flatev dough pods seek to do for flatbread tortillas what Keurig and Nespresso did for coffee.

FOX NEWS: Flatev hopes to do for tortillas what Keurig did for coffee

Flatev --short for flatbread evolution -- developed a machine that uses pre-filled dough pods—similar to coffee and espresso-filled capsules for machines like Keurig's K-Cup or Nespresso's VertuoLine.


Wallstreet Journal: Swiss Shareholder E-Voting Company Sherpany Set for Expansion

A small Swiss Internet company is making green out of red tape.


CNBC: UK tech industry's top women entrepreneurs

CNBC reports about some of the British women who took the risk in starting up a technology business and are now reaping the rewards. Among them Junjun Chen, co-founder of Housetrip.


The New Stack: Europe Gets Cloud Marketplace That Actually Has Chance of Survival

Shopping for a cloud service in Europe is about to get a lot easier, thanks to a new exchange initially developed to serve the computing needs of CERN and other giant European research organizations. A Swiss start-up plays an important role.


Startup Beat: Nezasa has built a travel planning platform with the aim of being an end-to-end solution for customized trips

A Q&A with Nezasa co-founder and CEO Manuel Hilty


Picture: Fotolia. With kind support from Fotolia.

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