Swiss software company Hulbee AG launches smart and secure search engine

27.06.2014 12:40

Swisscows is a new search engine which gives the user intelligent answers instead of just thousands of links. In addition, Swisscows users leave no trace of themselves behind; their data are not recorded and hence not stored. Swisscows was developed by the Swiss software company Hulbee AG, which was founded in 2008.

It is a well-known fact that any search using US-based providers leaves behind unwelcome traces which are used to build a profile of the searcher. For this reason, Swiss-based specialists in artificial intelligence working for the software company Hulbee AG have developed an alternative. This is not only secure, but also significantly smarter than existing search engines. And, for this reason, the developers have called it an “answer finder”.

“We are targeting users who demand high quality but also a high level of security. Because Swisscows is based on semantic data recognition and offers users intuitive help in their searching, we are able to give them answers fast,” says Hulbee founder and CEO Andreas Wiebe. It uses cloud technology which requires no search logic, but produces answers which the user will find helpful.

Andreas Wiebe adds: “We were also keen to provide a search engine that does not build a profile of the user and then use it for advertising purposes. Our servers are in Switzerland, and search behaviour is neither recorded nor stored. Our aim is to offer a genuine alternative to everyone who cares about safeguarding their identity.”

Swisscows is an alternative for everyone who regards data security and identity protection as important. Unlike more familiar search engines, users leave no traces behind on Their queries and areas of interest are not stored, and so they are not harvested to chase further business. The servers are all in Switzerland and are owned by the company.

Swisscows is also available as an advertising platform for SMEs and, in this way too, it aims to offer an alternative to the overly powerful search engines.

The Swisscows search engine is being simultaneously launched in the German-speaking countries (.ch, .de, .at), French-speaking countries (.fr) and English-speaking countries (.com). Security is guaranteed in all countries in the same way as in Switzerland; traffic is routed through the servers located in Zug, Switzerland. was developed by the software company Hulbee AG, which is based in Egnach (Thurgau). Hulbee AG was founded in 2008 in Switzerland and has a subsidiary for sales and marketing in Germany and a wholly-owned subsidiary – Evrikon GmbH in Russia – which carries out research and development for its parent company.

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