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KeyLemon Joins Blackboard Partnerships Program

11.06.2014 10:24

KeyLemon, pioneering developer of biometric ID and motion analysis technologies, today announced it has joined the Blackboard Partnerships Program. Blackboard’s software and services are usen by ten thousands of clients worldwide.

Both faster and more secure than legacy security methods such as passcodes or secret information, KeyLemon’s biometric ID will give Blackboard Learn users a seamless and rapid method of authentication that verifies identity for online test takers, improves administrative security and enhances the online learning experience.

“Our partner and developer programs drive tremendous value for clients by enabling access to hundreds of prebuilt extensions that help them get more value out of their learning platforms,” said Jim Kelly, Vice President of Business Development at Blackboard. “This unique, vibrant community of development makes it easy for institutions to customize their systems and gives them great flexibility in how they improve and shape the education experience.”

Verifying identity for the needs of online education can offer special challenges related to test proctoring, attendance and even student loan fraud. KeyLemon’s rapid, accurate face ID, motion analysis, and voice recognition technologies counter the identification, attendance, and credentialing problems facing online education providers. KeyLemon’s biometric solutions will provide, fast, accurate and convenient access to all Blackboard Learn functions that require student verification.

“Blackboard Learn represents the latest in teaching and learning technology and techniques,” said Anthony Gioeli, VP of sales and marketing for KeyLemon. “We are excited that Blackboard Learn customers will be able to use KeyLemon’s biometric solutions to further enhance their security, credibility and classroom engagement with no additional workload for students or staff, creating a win-win for student and educator alike.”

Blackboard Learn customers may use the KeyLemon face ID plug-in to perform student identification and authorization for a variety of teaching and learning functions and tasks. Whereas legacy ID verification can be tedious and vulnerable to fraud, KeyLemon’s face-recognition algorithms capture and match a 20-point facial fingerprint to database records in milliseconds, without any additional manual input on the user’s part. Both rapid and easy to use, KeyLemon’s security measures enhance program integrity while preserving continuity of the educational experience, reducing distractions and improving educational outcomes.

In addition to providing security and identification verification, future iterations of KeyLemon’s education solutions will be able to asses head and eye position and monitor emotional responses. This information can be saved for later analysis or viewed in real time, allowing educators to tailor their presentations just as if their students were in the live setting of a traditional classroom. Upcoming features also include hybrid face/voice identification to facilitate a variety of use cases and input methods.

KeyLemon’s biometric security solutions supplement legacy username-and-password logins using unique facial data and sophisticated anti-spoofing techniques. Based on a proprietary combination of face and speaker recognition, KeyLemon’s technology can be easily integrated into any system or application to deliver seamless, secure and convenient access to devices, online services and financial transactions. In addition to online education, KeyLemon has purpose built solutions for the automotive, mobile device, web service and medical industries.

About KeyLemon
KeyLemon technologies deliver advanced facial recognition, speaker identification, and motion tracking to developers and manufacturers across a wide variety of industries. Used by millions of consumers and enterprises worldwide, KeyLemon biometric ID and motion analysis set the industry standard for reliability, security, and ease-of-use. Our unique combination of technologies can easily be integrated into any system or application to deliver seamless, secure and convenient access to devices, online services and financial transactions. Furthermore, our advanced detection capabilities can be beneficial to organizations providing online education and training, marketing services, as well as enhancing safety features in machinery such as automobiles.

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