Grove Boats receives the Energy Globe 2014 national Award

10.06.2014 08:07

Grove Boats awarded the "Energy Globe 2014", United Arab Emirates national prize for its first Solar SeaCleaner in the Middle-East region.

The ENERGY GLOBE Award, founded in 1999 by the Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann, is one of today's most prestigious environmental awards.

The goal of the Award is to present successful sustainable projects (which conserve and protect our resources or that employ renewable energy can participate) to a broad audience.

With a global call for participation ENERGY GLOBE invites outstanding sustainable best practice projects to participate in the annual competition. From all over the world, some 800 projects and initiatives are submitted annually to compete for the award which is presented as National (country) ENERGY GLOBE Awards to distinguish the best project submission from a country.

Grove Boats is very pleased and proud by this new award, recognizing the achivements of our solar powered craft to clean up lagoons, ports and swimming areas, in total silence and pollution free.

Solar SeaCleaner, the first “zero emission” boat to remove floating garbage from port and swimming areas, is now operating in the UAE. While navigating in an area, this unit collects floating waste (plastics, polystyrene, etc.) and stores it on board in a dedicated container. The focuses of the Solar SeaCleaner are mainly harbour areas and relatively calm waters.

Grove Boats believes that the electric and solar propulsion is very well suited to such debris cleaning boats due to the low speed and long autonomy required in an area often very touristic, where loud noise is not welcome. The image impact of the craft is another clear advantage that prospects appreciate. The solar SeaCleaner replace the use of fossil energies by solar energy. The solar SeaCleaner uses long lasting parts (PV tend to be guaranteed for 20 years, depending on manufacturer; lead-acid batteries will last on average 4-5 years and will be recycled after). The prototype was build out of eco-friendly material such as wood, hemp fiber, to make the process "clean boat" coherent as a whole.

You will find more details on the  Energy Globe official website.

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