Dizmo raises $2 million

18.06.2014 10:56

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Dizmo, a Swiss start-up co-founded by serial entrepreneur Mathias Aebi, has developed a new user interface for smart displays. According to an article on ITProPortal.com dizmo has completed a $2 million financing round.

Dizmo’s technology allows to interact with content in an intuitive and immediate way, visualizing and controlling wireless devices, sensors and controls, bringing all your technology together within the Smart Home. This interface interaction mimics the technology many have come to love in popular media, from CSI to Iron Man, Minority Report and even as far back as 2001: A Space Odyssey. The creative software behind dizmo allows simulations, charts, images, live websites and videos to all coexist and be moved, rotated and interacted with like physical objects on any digital surface.

In February and March the start-up has run a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. According to an article on ITProPortal.com dizmo has now raised USD2 million. The investment round was led by Ariel Lüdi, CEO of Hybris, reports ITProPortal.com. Hybris is a Swiss software company that was acquired by SAP last year. Lüdi made several investments in Swiss start-ups such as Scandit and Uepaa! Lüdi will join the board of directors of dizmo just as he did in the case of Scandit and Uepaa!

The beta version of dizmo’s software is available since April. At the moment it is tested by beta testers from all over the world.

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