Aeon Scientific raises CHF4 Million in Series B financing round

11.06.2013 11:49

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Aeon Scientific AG, a med-tech start-up from Zurich, announces the closing of its second financing round with the same investors that contributed to the first round in 2012.

AEON Scientific had closed the first financing round in July 2012. Several private investors and the Zürcher Kantonalbank participated. The Series B round follows less than a year later. “We are very pleased that our investors have acknowledged our great progress, and that they again place their confidence in us. With the new funds we will complete the development of our main product and complete our first installation in a clinic”, Dominik Bell, CEO of Aeon Scientific, says.

Aeon Scientific is working on a new type of catheter steering system using its patented technology for electromagnetic manipulation. While the system is a platform that will enable improved diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in various medical applications eventually, currently the company focuses on applications in cardiac electrophysiology. The first system supports electrophysiologists during catheter ablation procedures for the treatment of arrhythmias, such as Atrial Fibrillation. It allows them to move the ablation catheter within the heart of the patient with magnetic fields. In pre-clinical trials the company has been able to prove the superior control over the ablation catheter that its product provides. This performance will lead to better outcomes, reduced treatment costs and a higher number of patients that can be treated.

Besides the two financing rounds the company has previously gathered significant seed funding through various business plan competitions, Volkswirtschaftsstiftung, Venture Kick and a EU consortium project. Moreover, the development is supported by a joint project with ETH Zurich funded by CTI.

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