9500 “Likes” before the launch

21.06.2013 08:48

Fabio Carlucci was one of the co-founders of stablish.me. Together with his brother and an IT specialist he will launch his next project “Amazers” today. The organisation aims to spread inspiration by presenting stories of people who aspire to inspire and are referred to as “Amazers”.

The philosophy of Amazers is to only feature individuals who wish to be a part of the network, are passionate about the idea of the project, and share the vision of the founders. Through the profiles of the Amazers, the platform strives to deliver empowering insights and messages to its audience. “We are committed to scout and team up with as many amazing individuals as we possibly can; we wish to feature people from all kinds of fields, from all across the globe”, explains Fabio Carlucci. More than 30 people already agreed to be one of the “Amazers”, some of them are known worldwide.

“Our aim is to motivate our community to follow their passion, live up to their full potential, and take positive actions. Our ultimate dream is to encourage people to share our life-principle and start living a life in which they too, aspire to inspire; we believe this would make the world a better place”, Carlucci says.

The team has got positive feedback for its project. And although Amazers will only be launched today the project has already more than 9500 “likes” on Facebook. “We are very optimistic about the future of our project”, Carlucci comments.

The launch of Amazers will be today at 8 PM.

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