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Winners of Swisscom’s 2nd Call for Innovation are…

23.07.2018 13:10
recapp with Swisscom TV

Recapp is one of the winners of Swisscom's Call for Innovation on Swiss-French Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Sentiment Analysis. The Idiap spinoff developed a web application to make audio recordings searchable and accessible.

Automatic Speech Recognition and Sentiment Analysis enable further professionalization in call centers. However, previous development has largely focused on the most widespread languages. To test the maturity of existent solutions for Swiss French and Flemish, Swisscom and Proximus initiated a Call for Innovation in spring 2018.

Through a two-stepped approach, consisting of a pre- and live-challenge, the expert jury selected the three best partners for a future Proof-of-Concept out of over 15 applicants from 7 countries. These include Bumicom (Nexidia) from the Netherlands, and the Swiss Recapp for Swisscom, and MyForce from Belgium for Proxemus.

Recapp is an Idiap spin-off dedicated to becoming one of the leading providers for automatic multilingual speech and speaker recognition. Recapp built a speech recognition software that can quickly adapt to new languages including Swiss German and dialects such as the Wallis dialect. Thanks to the speech recognition software the remote control device for the current Swisscom TV box is able to understand Swiss dialects.

Additionally, Recapp is also used for generating automated political protocol and to processes multilingual (French/German) political debates. The parliament of the Canton of Wallis has already benefited from the technology.


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