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Touchless Automation signs two large contracts with American companies

19.07.2018 08:32

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A large Nasdaq-listed American semiconductor company and a medtech company have chosen Touchless Automation, to be their supplier. The Berne based startup offers solutions for contactless micro handling to improve the production yield.

Touchless Automation developed a new technological approach that allows for Contactless manipulation of micro-components (100μm to 20mm). As the pioneer in micro handling, the company offers handling modules and custom automated machines to enable the transportation and levitation of small components without touching them.

At the beginning of this year, the startup closed the first customer order from a large (undisclosed) Nasdaq-listed American semiconductor company. The startup team is currently integrating its technology into high tech equipment in the semiconductor’s back-end industry. “We are confident we will be able to deliver great results,” says Maurizio Migliore, COO of Touchless Automation.

The company has since continued to sign new clients and new projects. Most recently, it received a new large order from an American company in the Medtech Industry, ten days following their acquaintance at the Automatica trade fair in Munich. Migliore says that this was their first client from the medical technology industry and they look forward to positive outcomes.

As the startup continues to thrive, it aims to remain innovative by advancing and developing new solutions. Last month, the team launched Paradigma, the first contactless platform in the world that is able to perform pick and place operations without touching the component. The platform is expected to generate the first sales by the end of the year. The company also plans to expand and enrich its product line-up, with specific machines and equipment that are tailored for specific applications.

Touchless Automation has been able to achieve these milestones thanks to the 50’000 Euro grant from the European Commission and funds from Venture Kick and is supported by ESA Bic Switzerland. The startup is also sustained by revenues generated from its customers.


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