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New funds for FieldWiz

05.07.2018 16:44
Players with FieldWiz

FieldWiz is a flagship product of the Lausanne based Advanced Sport Instruments (ASI). The startup has obtained an "earlyloan" of CHF 300’000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) to reinforce its growth.

FieldWiz is a strategy and physical performance tracking system for team sports players. While the device is worn with a tested vest, it collects statistics, which can be synchronized and analyzed at the end of a game or training. FieldWiz is based on GPS technology, which enables accurate data as well as more functionalities, including heatmaps and replay functions.

The collected data can be used as an analysis and decision making tool allowing users to gather facts and statistics, and compare players between games and positions over time, and to communicate game strategy, show game phase. Over 20 clubs are currently using the device.

First launched for use in outdoor sports such as football, the wearable product is now on its way to become available for indoor sports as well. The next generation of FieldWiz will also contain new functionalities, which will allow an even more precise analysis of actions such as jumps or impacts on players. Customization will also be possible with additional features according to the users needs.

ASI is now ready for the next steps of development, thanks to the receipt of the FIT loan. “The loan of CHF 300’000 is an important milestone for Advanced Sports Instruments. It will allow us to launch the new version of FieldWiz, sustain our R&D efforts and accelerate our growth by investing in sales and marketing”, explained ASI CEO Julien Moix.

FIFA certification
In January 2018, FieldWiz was selected by the Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF) to boost its qualified national teams for the FIFA World Cup 2018. The product is now on its way to becoming one of the first wearables of its kind to be officially certified by the FIFA’s International Match Standard (IMS), which will be mandatory during official football games in the second half of 2018. The FIFA is also currently testing FieldWiz to qualify its precision measures.

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