Avalia set on the expansion course

04.07.2018 11:05
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Seventeen months after its creation in Yverdon-les Bains, Avalia Systems is growing, gaining clients and traction. Recently, the start-up announced that it advises Movile in a strategic fintech series-B investment. Setting its sights on growth, the company will also be collaborating with Innosuisse and Swissnex to develop its presence on the UK Market.

Avalia Systems is on the expansion course. Thanks its AI-powered platform to audit and manage software development, the Vaud start-up, provided the software due diligence for Movile, global leader in mobile marketplaces, on their recently announced investment in payments fintech Zoop.

According to Thomas Barth, Head of Payments at Movile, “Avalia delivered in 2 weeks insights that would otherwise have taken months of due diligence. Their recommendations focused on business impact and their ability to drill down to real data was very valuable for us in this deal.”

Movile has over USD 250 million in capital raised from investors such as Naspers, owners of 33% of China’s Tencent, and Innova Capital. Zoop is an open platform for payments and financial services with funds raised previously from Qualcomm Ventures, Riverwood Capital, Darwin Capital, and Avalancha Ventures. 

Based in Yverdon-les-Bains, Avalia Systems helps software development teams become better and better. It is like having a coach always there, asking feedback, providing data, and helping teams improve. The company provides it through a SaaS subscription of their web application and expert service.

As Rodney Reis, CEO of the company explains, the company focuses on building skills, enabling informed discussions, and helping teams have more time to do creative work. In one case where software was often delayed and full of bugs, their application could show that modules with automated tests shipped on-time more often and with fewer bugs. The client was shown the data, trained on test automation, and challenged to create more tests through a game that scored their progress. In 3 weeks, new releases had a significant lower number of bugs, freeing the team’s time from rework, and enabling more on-time delivery in every release.

Avalia was founded at the end of 2016 to provide due diligence of software organisations for M&A and venture capital deals. The Vaud start-up has built a web app to collect, analyse and present data from systems used in software development, so their audits would be based on concrete data and trends. When its clients saw the results of their due diligences, they asked the company to audit their own software, coach their teams, and make our app available to them so they could gain visibility of their progress. This was the beginning of Avalia Improve, their continuous improvement SaaS product.

Today avalia has client references in many countries like Nexthink, Drooms, and Movile in Switzerland, Germany, and Brazil. The company has a team of 6 people in Vaud, 2 abroad, and a research and development collaboration with the Swiss university of applied sciences, HEIG-VD, in Yverdon-les-Bains. Rodney Reis explains that his comany has had tremendous support from the Swiss startup ecosystem, including financing from SPECo, FIT and VentureKick, incubation from Y-Parc, and assistance from from Swissnex and Innovaud, who are supporting their market expansion in the UK, the largest for software development in Europe, where they plan to grow in the 2nd half of this year.


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