Anecova enables more natural fertilisation method

13.07.2018 14:15
Pregnant woman

Gyncentrum Clinic has just announced the world's first pregnancies using a more natural fertilisation method with donor eggs. The success is based on the product of a Swiss start-up.

Anecova’s AneVivo Natural Fertilisation is a more natural approach to assisted reproductive technology. A porous capsule device allowing bi-directional passage of fluids, nutrients and other non-cellular components; to enable interaction between the embryos and the maternal environment. It allows fertilisation and very early embryo development to happen directly within the maternal womb.

"Our first try with Anevivo was a success. Two perfect oocytes were transferred and we were lucky enough to freeze two more. After a long and difficult journey of 7 years battling infertility, our anxiety turned into such a strong feeling of joy and relief, which I have never thought I would be able to feel or experience. I'm pregnant!" says Ann, Gyncentrum Clinic's patient. Gyncentrum is one of the top fertility treatment clinic in Poland

Egg donation is usually a last resort for patients. When deciding to go through with this treatment, one of the hardest factors for patients to accept is using someone else's eggs instead of their own. Patients can sometimes feel "disconnected" when receiving an already fertilised and developed embryo from the laboratory.

"We are very happy about GynCentrum's having the first pregnancies with Egg donation in the world. Gyncentrum is again demonstrating its innovation leadership in the IVF world. By allowing fertilisation to happen in the maternal womb, thanks to AneVivo, Gyncentrum is providing Egg Donation patients a unique way of participating in the very first step of embryo development, reinforcing the connection between the mother and the baby," says Martin Velasco, Founder and CEO of Anecova.

With AneVivo Natural Fertilisation, patients are involved and participate from fertilisation, the first of many crucial stages of life and can reduce embryo exposure to an artificial environment. Due to the porosity of the capsule, the communication between the mother's environment, filled with endometrial nutrients and factors, and the future embryo is made possible. AneVivo fertilisation in the maternal reproductive tract is the closest existing approach to natural conditions.

(Press release)

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