Advanced Sport Instruments raises CHF355’000 from Business Angels

20.07.2018 13:09
Players with FieldWiz

Following a loan of CHF300’000 granted by the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), Advances Sport Instruments (ASI) received CHF355’000 from business angels including members of the Business Angels Switzerland (BAS).

Founded in 2012 by Lionel Yersin, CEO, and joined in 2015 by Julien Moix, COO, ASI offers performance measurement and monitoring solutions for sport. FieldWiz, a solution dedicated to outdoor team sports, is now ASI's flagship product and its users include the Nigerian national football team, the Swiss Football Association, FC Zürich and Stade Rennais. Other product lines include Flynet, for free flight and paragliding and X-Track Pro, a solution for locating objects or people via GSM or Satellite. Thanks to its technological expertise in GPS, ASI also develops specific solutions adapted to the needs of demanding athletes. At the last Olympic Winter Games, Swiss-ski for example called on ASI for specific development for its athletes.

ASI has set itself the objective of raising one million francs by the End of 2018, which will enable it to support its research and development efforts and accelerate its growth, particularly through new investments in sales and marketing. ASI's objective is to become a key player in the wearable market for semi-professional and professional athletes. The team, which now has 9 employees, will therefore grow.

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