Konduko strengthens its advisory board

17.07.2017 16:15

Konduko, a Bern based specialising in smart event technologies and visitor engagement insights announces the appointment of Paul Woodward and Tony Davis to its advisory board. The two will support the startup in achieving its global growth strategy. CEO of Konduko, Matt Harris, calls the new appointments a game-changer for the organization.

Konduko is a provider of activity-based proximity technologies designed for the trade show industry. Konduko transforms digital information exchange in busy mass-traffic environments, capturing interactions and data with a simple touch of a visitor badge against a Konduko reader. The result is a frictionless transfer of information to each participant: better quality leads for exhibitors, targeted engagement for visitors, and deep data insights for trade show organisers. From its global headquarters in Switzerland, and Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Australia, Konduko digitally transforms the event experience for some of the biggest names in in the industry, including Informa, Reed, UBM, and DMG.

Today, the startup has welcomed two new members to its advisory board; the industry veteran, Paul Woodward, and aviation entrepreneur Tony Davis. The two will help guide Konduko as it embarks on an ambitious global growth strategy.

With more than 30 years of experience in the events and exhibitions industry, Woodward is well known across the sector for his role as former Managing Director of UFI (2010 to 2015). Davis has a long history in the aviation sector and was formerly Chief Executive Officer of Tiger Airways Holdings, as well as a Board Trustee of the Singapore Tourism Board.

“Having been closely involved with the world's largest companies in the exhibitions industry during my time as Managing Director of UFI, I was very interested in an advisory role with some of the newer, smaller businesses now working to bridge the gap between the technology and events worlds. I was already aware of Konduko and felt that, like many of the more successful tech firms, it had a simple, clear concept and was deploying some clever technology to bring it to life. Gathering real insight into what happens on the show floor, whilst generating granular data about that activity, may well be one of the most important initiatives to keep event marketing relevant in an increasingly digital world”, says Woodward.

Tony Davis sees significant commercial potential in the data analysis capability of Konduko: “It’s clear that there’s a real gap in the market and a desire from everyone involved in the exhibitions industry to harness the potential that enhanced data gathering can provide. Konduko has successfully developed cost effective and efficient data collection technology as well as the analytical tools needed to enable exhibitors and organizers better understand and anticipate the behavior of their customers. I’m looking forward to working with the team as we grow the business and develop additional products.”  

“Like many agile startups, we’ve been highly focused on creating technology that solves problems – and in the events industry’s case, that’s all about closing the information gap that exists between organisers, exhibitors, and visitors. Our platform is now actively used by major organisers on three continents and every week we add new events to our portfolio. Managing that rapid growth, without losing sight of our long-term goals is critical and I’m gratified that, with the appointments of Paul and Tony, we’ll have the strategic firepower we need to help guide us to a winning position.”

Picture: Konduko, twitter


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