SICTIC Pitching Event: Call for Applications

25.07.2016 10:45

Society3 and SICTIC invite start-ups to apply for the Silicon-Valley-Style Pitch contest. 12 start-ups will be invited to present at the S3-SICTIC pitchevent and six will present at the Startuptag in Lucerne to compete for their next funding round up to CHF 1 Million.

SICTIC and Society3 are organising a pitching contest in which start-ups in the fields of FinTech, AI, Robotics, Energy, AgTech or general technology space will compete for up to CHF 1 Million for their next funding round. To be eligible to apply start-ups must be less than 5 years old, have a bold vision, a large target market, a team of two or more founders and have at least a prototype / MVP of what they are planning to introduce.

Upon selection, 12 outstanding start-ups will be invited to join a free pitching training at the Hochschule Luzern. They will receive skills and tips on how to deliver a perfect pitch to the investors. Six most convincing start-ups will be nominated by a jury of serial entrepreneurs and investors to go on stage. The six startups will receive additional training in a Dry run session to perfect their pitches which they will present at the S3-SICTIC pitchevent with in StartupTag on 13.September 2016 where over 30 investors are anticipated to participate. The best startup will be announced and awarded.

Startups are required to submit their applications before August 15, 2016.

After the award ceremony, the next process to arrange the financing round will commence. An online investment review meeting with presenters and investors will take place and each lead investor (one per company) will guide entrepreneurs through the process. On Sep 27 Investors decide to invest and the start-up will be notified. From October 03 to October 10 the company will undergo Due Diligence after which the investment will be made. The start-up also has the option enrol in the San Francisco Accelerator to get ready to conquer the world. Acceleration ends on December 2, 2016.


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