Sensimed launches smart contact lens in Japan in autumn

10.07.2015 09:07

Sensimed announces the product registration for the SENSIMED Triggerfish in Japan. As a result of a strong collaboration with SEED, a well-renowned Japanese contact lens manufacturer, the device will be available starting the fall 2015.

Sensimed AG, a Swiss company, has developed a unique non-invasive soft contact lens-based solution, the SENSIMED Triggerfish, with the aim of revolutionizing glaucoma management by providing an automated recording of continuous ocular dimensional change over 24 hours. The contact lens itself is very well tolerated over the measurement period and uses telemetry in combination with a fully integrated sensor to measure volumetric change of the eye. To date, Sensimed has published over 25 peer review articles in respected ophthalmic journals to support these conclusions. The measurements are highly correlated with intraocular pressure change.

“We are very pleased to join forces with SEED who has a very strong organization to support the launch of this first of smart contact lens in the Japanese market.” said David Bailey CEO of Sensimed. In addition to preparing for the establishment of a sales structure for the Japanese market, the two companies intend to quickly accumulate clinical data from specialized medical centers focused on confirming medical utility of the SENSIMED Triggerfish in the field of glaucoma. The focus in Japan will be on the large number of patients who have normal tension glaucoma where standard IOP measurement tools are inadequate and where there is a large unmet need for an alternate diagnostic tool. The 24 hour profiles provided by the device, linked with the disease progression, will be analyzed and modeled in an attempt to confirm pathological patterns that can be used to categorize the disease state and aid personalized treatment.

“The prevalence of normal tension glaucoma in Asia makes it difficult for doctors to manage their glaucoma patients using standard tonometry. This study will help to provide highly valuable information on the behavior of the eye during 24 hours in order to gain a better understanding of the disease.” said Mr. Bailey.

This first of a kind measurement parameter, ocular dimensional change over a 24 hour period, whilst closely correlated with IOP is a unique measure in itself. Sensimed is working toward validating this measurement has clinical significance and can be used to predict the course of the disease and aid therapeutic choices. Early analysis of significant in house patient data suggests features in the SENSIMED Triggerfish curves have the potential to be both a diagnostic and predictive tool.

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