Start-up launches challenge with Bertrand Piccard

01.07.2014 13:42

Together with Bertrand Piccard, the startup Amazers has launched a challenge that encourages people to achieve their goals by following a given action plan and engaging in a community of aspiring achievers.

Amazers, together with Bertrand Piccard, has launched a challenge titled “Achieve Your Goals with Pioneering Spirit”. The challenge requires participants to follow three steps while motivating them to share their experiences and inspire each other. A selected number of participants out of those who complete the challenge will have the opportunity to go to Switzerland to personally meet Bertrand and see the Solar Impulse 2 airplane. Piccard has produced a video with personal message regarding this challenge. The challenge is open for registration to anyone until July 21, 2014.

Piccard has always been someone who truly believes that the impossible is achievable, when one is a Pio­neer in his own life, his ways of thinking and behaving. Throughout his life, the United Nations goodwill ambassador has initiated several world-changing projects that mirror his unique personality and adven­turous mindset – Solar Impulse being the latest and most daring one.

Now, in order to transform the inspiration that he delivers into quantifiable and observable actions, he has accepted to create a challenge on Amazers; a new community-driven platform that allows anyone to undertake empowering challenges from inspiring influencers.

By participating in the challenge, one will get deeper insight on what Pioneering Spirit really means and how he or she can apply it in his or her own life. With Piccard’s guidance, users will have to tackle three pre-defined steps that are built upon one another and each include a detailed action plan that must be followed in order to move to the next step. Participants will constantly have the opportunity to interact amongst themselves and most importantly, inspire and motivate each other. Overall, the challenge’s main purpose and aim is to empower people to achieve their goals, by providing them with the necessary tools and inspiration.

With Solar Impulse, Piccard together with fellow André Borschberg aims to inspire each and every one of us to become Pioneers within our own lives. The project has therefore decided to stand behind the challenge and support it by giving out unique rewards to those who successfully complete it.

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