KeyLemon Brings Biometric Security to Canadian Institute

31.07.2014 13:40

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KeyLemon, pioneering developer of biometric ID and motion analysis technologies, announced it has partnered with MSI Motorcycle Safety Institute to bring face recognition login and identity verification to MSI’s online motorcycle safety and driver education courses. 

MSI’s innovative online driver education program provides unique opportunities for learning but was confronted by the growing security challenges faced by many remote and online educational services. MSI students will now use KeyLemon face ID recognition technology to more securely and conveniently participate in online course offerings.

“MSI continues to thrive in a competitive market by constantly looking for ways to offer a more compelling product to our customers,” said Gary Karmazyn, President and CEO of MSI. “KeyLemon’s biometric security gives us a tangible advantage by both enhancing operational security while creating a more seamless and convenient experience for our customers.”

Offerings such as MSI’s web‐based courses are revolutionizing online driver education, but the methods used to verify remote student identity have lagged far behind, increasing liability on all fronts. Legacy access control methods, such as passwords, keypads, and magnetic cards impede productivity and can easily be transferred from one person to another, creating doubt on who is actually attended lectures and taking exams.

“Online education and similar web services are particularly vulnerable to data breaches and other security threats, resulting in significant loss of revenue each year,” said Anthony Gioeli, VP of sales and marketing for KeyLemon. “Biometric security alleviates these threats while also reducing liability concerns for credentialed teaching programs.”

MSI’s KeyLemon‐enabled security will supplement legacy username-and-password logins to verify student identity using 20 points of unique facial data and sophisticated anti-spoofing techniques. These methods not only better protect sensitive student information but also allow students to securely login from multiple devices. KeyLemon technology automatically and accurately identifies authorized students without requiring interaction with support staff, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and, ultimately, educational outcomes.

Compatible with Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle and Blackboard, KeyLemon facial recognition uses the built-in camera found on most devices, or any add‐on camera, to accurately identify users in less than one second. Rather than relying solely on a password that can be shared or stolen, MSI student’s logins are now matched to a unique facial “fingerprint” that can be used by itself or as part of a multifactor authentication system using passwords and/or KeyLemon voice ID technology.

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