Three Swiss start-ups selected for the Healthtech Summit in London

10.07.2013 10:05

Promising entrepreneurs seeking funding had presented to global corporates and VC’s at the 4th annual Healthtech Summit at NYSE Euronext, London. Three of the selected companies came from Switzerland: Aleva Therapeutics, Mindmaze and Sequana Medical.

20 top European healthtech companies were selected by an expert committee to present at the NYSE Euronext. Joey Mason, Vice President of the Selection Committee, commented on the selection process saying, “This year's selection committee rose to the tough task of choosing from a highly diverse pool of truly innovative medical technology companies from Europe and Israel. Our pleasurable challenge was to select the small group of presenting companies from what is a vibrant and growing sector.”

A delegation of 140 leading global industry players and representatives from cross-venture capital and global investment firms were attending the event. Estimated investment capabilities of attending investors are estimated to 5 billion+ Euros. The Healthtech Summit (formerly the Medtech Summit) is an initiative of the Tech Tour and the International Venture Club.

The three selected Swiss start-ups:

Aleva Neurotherapeutics has developed proprietary neurostimulation technologies that enable significantly better therapies for neurological diseases. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy, used in indications including Parkinsonʼs Disease, is an existing market growing at over 15% annually and is Aleva’s first target market.

MindMaze is a R&D company based in Lausanne that combines immersive virtual reality, brain imaging and robotics to build novel platforms for neurorehabilitation and game training.

Sequana Medical is a Swiss medical device company dedicated to improving patient lives through innovative technologies to manage fluid within the body. Sequana's first therapeutic product, the ALFApump System, is a new solution to manage ascites.

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