Two startups win at the Watt d’Or 2019 awards

10.01.2019 13:16

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The Swiss Federal Office of Energy has awarded Switzerland’s prestigious energy prize, the Watt d’Or, for the twelfth time. Among the winner were the two startups DEPsys and dhp technology.

Forty-four applications for the Watt d'Or 2019 were submitted and evaluated by a team of experts. Twenty applications reached the final round of judging. From these the jury, led by chairwoman Pascale Bruderer, has now selected the winning project in each of the four Watt d’Or categories and for the Watt d’Or Special Transition Prize. Among the winners are also two startups.

Dhp technology and INC Energie Wasser Chur won the category «Renewable Energy» for the suspended solar power plant HORIZON. To facilitate the use of infrastructure areas dhp technology has brought to market the HORIZON foldable, lightweight construction solar plant. Using cable car technology HORIZON is suspended five metres above the infrastructure area and folds up like a concertina. The first major HORIZON plant was realised for IBC Energie Wasser Chur and installed over the Chur sewage treatment plant where it went into operation in 2018. The plant produces 540,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which covers 50% of the electricity requirement of the facility.

DEPsys and IBB Energie won the category «Energy Technologies» with the smart-grid platform GridEye. The platform helps grid operators integrate ever-increasing amounts of decentrally produced fluctuating energy into the grid and can easily be incorporated into the existing infrastructure. GridEye was installed on behalf of IBB Energie AG at Birrfeld airfield. Since then the large 200 kW photovoltaic array on the hangar of the Aargau Aero Club has been able to feed in the maximum output without jeopardising the safety of the grid.

In the category «Energy-Efficient Mobility» BLS and the University of Basel were awarded for their comprehensive modernization program for suburban trains. Habitat Foundation and ADEV Energiegenossenschaft won the category «Buildings and Spatial Development» for the development of a new, sustainable city district in Basel called Erlenmatt Ost. The Special Transition Prize was awarded to Empa, Eawag and dransfeldarchitekten for the NEST living lab project.

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