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The FIT grants CHF 400’000 to 4 early stage startups

24.01.2019 16:59

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Lymphatica, Hempfy, Medusoil and Windshape are the four latest winners of the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) seed loan. Each startup receives CHF 100’000 to further develop their product.

The interest free FIT seed loan supports young startups in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, when the product is still in the prototype and technical development phase. The activities fields of the latest companies selected by FIT range from medtech to food and beverage.

Lymphatica Medtech: An implantable medical device to treat lymphedema

The CHUV and EPFL spin-off is looking into how to slow or reverse the progression of the lymphedema disease. This led to the development of their solution, LymphoDrain, a micropump designed to be implanted just under the skin to remove fluid from the affected limbs. The solution is tackling a multi-billion market and will allow patients to regain their normal lifestyle.

Lymphatica will use the FIT loan to prepare the first-in-man clinical trial, a crucial milestone in the startup’s roadmap.

Hempfy: Fresh cannabis in a bottle

The company (and brand) Hempfy develops the first cannabis functional drinks for the Swiss market. The technology lies in a unique extraction method, which allows Hempfy to produce drinks from natural grown cannabis with a higher concentration of the plant. Hempfy’s objective is to become a technology provider in the industry of cannabis F&B. As such, Hempfy can help partners develop new products as well as new market trends.

The 100’000 FIT loan will be used in R&D for product development as well as strengthening their next financing round with new investors.

Medusoil: Rapid, environmentally-friendly ground stabilization that lasts

The EPFL spin-off Medusoil applies the world’s first ground bio-stabilization technology to mainstream construction problems. The company provides construction firms with solid foundation earth to secure stability of infrastructures against threats such as soil erosion, landslides and earthquakes. Born “in the lab”, Medusoil’s technology is inspired from nature and brought to the scale of real construction projects to provide with solutions which combine elements of economic efficiency, technical innovation and environmental responsibility.

The support from FIT shall now help Medusoil to build its own on-site operations unit.

WindShape : Drone testing made simpler

Today, drones face a critical problem: how to evaluate their behavior in flight in case of bad weather, such as a strong wind? Windshape provides answers. The Geneva based startup developed the first solution that recreates in a laboratory all wind and weather conditions in order to test drones in real flight conditions. The resulting data can improve and help understand all the flight characteristics of a drone for a safer journey.

The support from the FIT will help Windshape hire a software engineer in order to develop its product further and acquire new customers.

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