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Swissroc acquires stake in Tokenestate

16.01.2019 12:00
Cyril de Bavier & Vincent Trouche

Swissroc Capital Holding SA (Swissroc), a Geneva-based real estate services group, has purchased an equity stake in Tokenestate, a proptech startup dedicated to disrupting and democratizing the real estate investment market. Swissroc provides financial support and expertise to enable Tokenestate to scale.

Launched in 2017, Tokenestate aims to make real estate investing easier, faster and cheaper by using blockchain technology. The company has developed platform for real estate asset managers to issue financial instruments represented by Real Estate Tokens (RETOs). Through the platform, investors across the globe gain access to private real estate investment opportunities, while being protected by the Swiss regulation. In November 2018, Tokenestate successfully completed the first transaction of equity tokens through the platform.

"Because of RETOs, a real estate fund or any company holding real estate will be able to raise funds directly from investors in Switzerland and internationally, without resorting to merchant banks, brokers or clearing agencies. For investors, RETOs make it easy to invest in real estate worldwide without a minimum investment amount and at reasonable transaction costs,” says Vincent Trouche, Founder and CEO of Tokenestate.

Tokenestate has now entered a strategic partnership with Swissroc through the sale of an undisclosed percentage of Tokenestate’s stake. Swissroc is a 360° real estate services group providing expertise in construction, transaction, development and management activities in French-speaking Switzerland.

Acknowledging Tokenestate’s innovativeness, Cyril de Bavier, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Swissroc says, “Tokenestate is a welcome alternative to a sector which has remained extremely conservative, despite the digital transformation. It will make the market more efficient by cutting out intermediaries, but also more transparent, which corresponds perfectly to our vision of real estate."

As part of the terms of their partnership, Tokenestate will benefit from the financial support of Swissroc and get access to an office space dedicated to the young “rising stars” in the industry. It will benefit from Swissroc’s network of partners in various fields, such as communication, law and accounting. Tokenestate will also gain operational support as well as access to Swissroc's know-how in real estate. The group intends to position itself as a source of business to enable Tokenestate to develop and scale its concept.

"A good investor brings not only capital but a strategic skillset and network. Swissroc brings to us today what we need to scale, starting with a pipeline real estate assets to tokenize” says Vincent Trouche, founder and CEO of Tokenestate.

Swissroc will ultimately benefit from blockchain's progress, namely the optimization of the liquidity of its investments, greater fluidity in the governance of its assets, as well as traceability and transparency in its performance. Further, Tokenestate will preserve its operational and commercial autonomy, through a non-exclusive partnership.

The acquisition was made by Swissroc Capital Holding through its Swissroc Alternative Investment line of business dedicated to investing in innovative start-ups. It aims to take minority stakes in young and promising companies, positioned in strategic areas for the group but also in sectors outside its "core business." The major goal is creating positive synergies for Swissroc.

"Our partnership with Tokenestate will grant us exposure to the promising field of blockchain technology. It allows us to strengthen our commitment to innovation and to benefiting from new, more powerful tools - an approach that part of our DNA”, says Ted Schneider, Managing Partner of Swissroc.

Photo: (L-R) Cyril de Bavier, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Swissroc & Vincent Trouche, Founder and CEO of Tokenestate

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More news about Tokenestate SA
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