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OneVisage wins a new partner at CES 2019

08.01.2019 13:55
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#SwissTech at CES 2019: OneVisage, the inventor of 3D facial biometry and 3D graphical authentication running on standard mobile devices, has won globaliD, a leading digital identity service provider as its partner. GlobaliD will integrate OneVisage’s Premier Face 3D facial biometry technology in its digital identity offering.

By 2021, the total cost of cyber-fraud will represent more than $6 trillion annually, according to experts—an amount that approximates the combined Gross Domestic Product of France and Germany in 2017. With password logins accounting for 80% of cyber-fraud cases, it is more urgent than ever to find solutions that authenticate who you are rather than what you know.

The Lausanne based OneVisage has developed a Premier Face SDK and Premier Secret SDK, respectively 3D facial biometry and 3D graphical authentication technologies running on standard Android and iOS mobile devices. The solution enables financial services, cyber-security and digital identity management solutions providers and integrators to deliver greater and safer digital user-experience to consumer and corporate markets.

Presenting its solution at the CES 2019, OneVisage has entered a partnership with globaliD, a San Francisco-based technology company providing a trusted, convenient, and neutral single sign-on (SSO) platform that is globally accessible and tied to a universal namespace. globaliD’s portable identity solution enables anyone in the world to take ownership and control of their identity and their data while providing them secure and easy access to the products and services they desire.

As part of their partnership, globaliD will integrate OneVisage’s Premier Face 3D facial biometry technology in its digital identity offering.

“The foundation of a strong digital identity begins with a secure and reliable onboarding process. For globaliD, that means securely establishing identity through a system of third-party attestations—which now includes OneVisage’s industry-leading biometric technology,” said Greg Kidd, CEO of globaliD and formerly Chief Security Officer at Ripple Labs.

“To provide the highest level of identity verification, globaliD has introduced the concept of attestations of personal information by multiple trusted partners across several categories of identity data including biometric. As part of collecting identity attestations, Premier Face by OneVisage will bring 3D facial biometry check to any modern Android or iOS mobile devices. This will enable globaliD’s users to easily access and connect with the world in a secure and reliable way,” said Vadim Slavin, Director of globaliD Attestation Platform.

“We are very excited to be working with globaliD and bring them 3D facial biometry technology in a universal, secure and cost-effective way. Nowadays, digital service providers require to offer a consistent and universal authentication experience to all their customers, regardless of their device costs $ 100 or $ 1’000 or whether the device runs on Android, iOS or Windows platform. globaliD is paving the road of what reliable identity verification services must be,” said Christophe Remillet, founder and CEO of OneVisage.

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