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InterAx Biotech closed a financing round of CHF 3 million

15.01.2019 16:40

InterAx’s novel systems biology platform allows for the integration of both, experimental and computational pharmacology, and is able to predict in vivo effects of drug candidates. With the new funds, InterAx will accelerate the commercialisation of the platform.

InterAx, a Biotech company pioneering computational pharmacology for drug discovery, has closed a financing round of CHF 3 million. The investment round was led by Falcon III Ventures and investiere. The new funds will be used to accelerate commercialization of the technology platform which enables intelligent drug candidate design and selection.

In addition, InterAx appoints Bettina Ernst as a new member of the board of directors. She brings in additional extensive and valuable experience from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.
Bettina Ernst has extensive experience working in fundamental immunology in Europe and the U.S., followed by working in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. She is founder and CEO of Preclin Biosystems and serves on the board of Elthera.

Streamlining drug candidate design and selection
The behaviour of cells can be influenced via their receptors. The largest class of human receptors is called GPCR. InterAx is uniquely positioned to assist GPCR drug candidate design and selection by integrating bioanalytical and computational pharmacology in collaborative projects with Biotech and Pharma companies. InterAx applies mathematical models and simulations to in house-derived bioanalytical data in order to address the complexity of drug-induced cellular signaling mechanisms.

InterAx aims to close the gap between laboratory experiments and in vivo studies by streamlining the critical processes of drug candidate design and selection, thereby significantly reducing the risks, costs and duration of drug discovery and development of new drugs.

(Press release - SK)

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