ESA BIC Switzerland welcomes six new start-ups

21.01.2019 11:50

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Six startups from varied industries have joined the incubation program of the ESA BIC Switzerland. Each startup will receive CHF 50’000 every six months, in addition to support from experts during the two years of incubation.

The Business Incubation Centre Switzerland (ESA BIC Switzerland) program offers broad support packages to entrepreneurs and young start-ups for exploiting space systems or technologies to develop their non-space business on earth or using a technology from earth for an application related to space.

In the previous selection round, the ESA BIC-team nominated six startups that will benefit from the program for two years. The startups include:

MIRO Analytical Technologies - Founded as a spin-off of the Empa, Miro is developing latest mid-infrared gas sensing technology based on quantum cascade lasers (QCL). The solution allows users from chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas or automotive to detect several gases simultaneously, directly and with high precision.

Flybotix – The startup developed a technology as a building block to create a 350mm, dual rotor, collision tolerant drone. The system is suitable for in-structure and indoor inspection.

Drone Harmony – developed a 3D flight planning software to facilitate automated drone flights. With its Mission Planner, pilots can create and execute professional flight plans for their DJI drone. The software uses sophisticated algorithms to reduce complex industrial inspection tasks to automated and scalable workflows.

Menhir Photonics the ETH Zurich spin-off company offers femtosecond laser solutions allowing applications in any situation, from laboratories to harsh environment. The solution is designed for industries such as space, microwave, research communication and industry

Gilyticsestablished as an ETH Zurich spin-off, Gilytics developed a fast computing and 3D visualization technology for complex planning of transportation and energy infrastructures to increase the public participation and social acceptance between public authorities and local communities involved in a project.

Klepsydra Robotics is a platform independent and lightweight software development toolset for embedded space systems in support of CubeSats and satellite constellations, and space robotics. The platform shortens the development time and reduce hardware costs significantly.

During the two year-program, each startup will receive financial support of CHF 50’000, in addition to coaching from experts to enable them to further develop their solutions. They will also benefit from ESA’s broad network.


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