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ChemAlive leaps out of the R&D stage

16.01.2019 08:55

ChemAlive has built the largest quantum chemical database comprising of over 3.5 million molecules and 200 million structures for the chemical and pharma industry. This milestone has enabled the startup to move from the research to the business stage.

Founded in Lausanne, ChemAlive has developed an automated cloud solution based on big data and quantum chemistry aimed at bridging the gap between discovery and lead optimization. According to the company, the greatest customer pain exists between what would make a good molecule and what can actually be produced synthetically.

In their research, the team applied machine learning and data science to model chemical properties and reactions for the design of new drugs and materials. The team has now built the largest quantum chemical database of molecular conformations in the world, containing 3.5 million molecules and over 200 million structures and tautomers.

Thanks to this achievement, the startup is now entering the business stage, offering an online computational chemistry platform that facilitates accurate predictive analytics using the state-of-the-art in modern physics, focused on process (synthesis) design in organic chemistry. Further, the startup has completed the development of ConstruQt, its core quantum-chemical automation technology. Available as an API, the technology allows for quick deployment of quantum chemical calculations to enhance chemistry.

The chemical industry, in particular pharmaceuticals, will now be able to tackle technological and medicinal challenges faster and cost-effectively. Other focus industries include; oil and gas with several projects already completed; the fine chemistry, with ChemSpace as its strategic partner; and materials chemistry. The startup is currently collaborating with ChemSpace to deploy data in the fine chemicals sector.

Successful contract research in 2018
Also in 2018, ChemAlive not only tripled sales from its Contract Research. The company has also received financial support through its participation in the Merck Accelerator where it closed a large pilot project using its core Code ConstruQt. The project enabled the startup to validate the market need for enhanced and accurate data to inform the growing trend of predictive analytics in the fine chemical on-line sales space.

Proceeding into business phase, Peter Jarowski, CEO of ChemAlive comments, “We have now left the R&D stage and are now raising capital for our financing round to close early 2019. We are also building partnerships to create professional web-based tools to improve the practice of chemical research, especially with an eye on sustainability, through quantum chemistry.”


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