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Award Winning Augmented Reality App to be Launched in St. Moritz

02.01.2019 10:13
Winterolymp App

This January, Engadin St. Moritz Mountains will launch a new Augmented Reality app. The pilot of the app has already won an award in China. “Winterolymp” was made by apelab with its SpatialStories tool.

Engadin St. Moritz Mountains has initiated a groundbreaking AR journey for their visitors in collaboration with award-winning studio apelab and Steiner Sarnen Schweiz. The app available for iOS and Android will hit the market in January and is expected to be a crowd pleaser bringing together tourism, culture, and history within an immersive shell. Using geolocation technology, users must come to the St. Moritz mountains to experience this unique site-specific adventure, representing a new way of using immersive technologies for culture and tourism.

The full sized app which will include 15 AR portals to be unlocked by the visitors of the mountains is made by apelab with its SpatialStories tool. Characters and environments have been created by apelab’s designers under the supervision of Art Director Sylvain Joly entirely within Virtual Reality. "Augmented Reality allows us to craft a truly unique experience for the audience at scale. The Winterolymp project allows us to push the boundaries of immersive design, bringing such a groundbreaking experience to the Swiss mountains is an honor and we can’t wait for visitors to try it out”, comments Emilie Joly, CEO at apelab.

In November, Guardian Grischun, the pilot of the experience has been distinguished by a jury of international leaders (HTC, Samsung, ARRI…) with the 2018 Best AR application award at the VRCORE awards. “It's a consecration of a process started in 2017 to create a whole new user journey for a mountain like no other. Receiving this prize in China which is hosting the Olympics in 2022 and when 300 million Chinese are about to jump into winter sports means a lot to us,” says Coproducer Salar Shahna.

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