US software company acquires Lucerne-based start-up

04.01.2016 17:02

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Altium is a multinational software corporation headquartered in San Diego, California, that focuses on electronics design systems for 3D PCB design and embedded system development. The company has acquired Ciiva, a Swiss start-up with a cloud-based electronic component management system.

The acquisition of Ciiva will allow Altium to provide customers with an integrated parts management solution that enables engineers to overcome BOM and component data management challenges. The integration of the tools, content, and services between Altium and Ciiva will empower engineers all over the world with specialized design and data management capabilities throughout the entire product design process.

“Our vision to provide easy access to parts data and to help people overcome common component data management challenges will only be accelerated with our acquisition by Altium,” said Leigh Gawne, Co-Founder and CEO at Ciiva. “By integrating our tools, content, and services with the Altium ecosystem, we’re able to accelerate the reach of our vision and offer a complete component management solution to every engineer around the world."

All services and solutions offered by Ciiva will continue to operate as usual, with no changes for current customers.

Ciiva was started with a vision to bring fast, easy access to electronic part data and provide a platform to help people overcome common BOM and component data management challenges. After launching our services in July of 2013, the team continued to innovate and extend the product offering based on the valued feedback of our many customers. “The acquisition by Altium is a natural next step in the continued evolution of Ciiva. Our products and services will complement the advanced PCB design and development tools that Altium has had much success in serving the electronic design industry with for the last 30 years. This will help Altium to deliver unparalleled capabilities to the wider electronic design community, while providing us with a solid platform to continue to grow and expand our capabilities”, writes the Ciiva team on the company’s blog.


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