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20.01.2016 18:01

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DAN, the largest organisation in the world promoting diving safety, and IANTD, which has been at the cutting edge of diver training for more than 30 years, collaborate with Swiss start-up Diviac.

On Diviac Travel divers can research, compare and book scuba holidays from more than 10,000 dive centres, resorts and liveaboards worldwide. Thanks to a new partnership with DAN, more than 400.000 DAN members worldwide can now access this extensive holidays offering at advantageous conditions, and make the most out of their next scuba vacations.

“DAN has been leading the way in terms of diving safety and dive insurance for more than 30 years. On our side, we are inspiring divers from around the globe to travel and discover our amazing marine ecosystem. We are therefore very happy to support DAN’s efforts by offering its members a new attractive benefit.” says Joel Perrenoud, CEO of Diviac.

"We are pleased to offer our members additional benefits, including interesting and ad-hoc deals on a number of products and services, such as travels to dream dive destinations proposed by Diviac" - adds Cristian Pellegrini, Head of Marketing and Communications at DAN Europe. 

Digital logbook for divers and instructors 
In addition IANTD and Diviac have announced a partnership to offer the most advanced digital logbook to all IANTD divers and instructors.

With Diviac, divers can log their dives with their smartphone, tablet or laptop and can even upload their data directly from their dive computer. All logs are then synced across devices and backed-up in the cloud so that they can access them wherever they are and whenever they want.

Diviac is also one of the world’s largest community of sea lovers, enabling divers, instructors and even dive shops to connect, follow each other’s activities and stay in touch over the years.

One of the additional key benefits, is that IANTD instructors can now log their training dives and directly send validated logs to their students’ logbooks. Certified divers can also mutually validate each other’s logs. 

As the first agency in the industry, IANTD is breaking grounds in acknowledging digitally validated logs as official proof of experience for all its courses and leisure underwater activities.

“We’re very happy about this partnership, this simplifies the way our instructors help students log their dives and makes it easy for them to stay in touch with their students.” says Luis Augusto Pedro, COO of IANTD. “Now instructors can use pre-filled log templates for course dives and share them with their students with just one click. Divers on the other hand get a great tool to keep in touch with their instructors and dive buddies, learn more about new trips, courses and events.” he continues.

“We’re proud to be powering the new way IANTD divers are keeping track of their dives and courses.” says Joel Perrenoud, CEO of Diviac. “The partnership with IANTD is a big milestone in the digitalisation of the scuba industry. We’re happy to see that innovative agencies are on our same wavelength to make this industry more modern and attractive” he continues.


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