Switzerland “the best country for starting a company”

25.01.2016 14:15

Switzerland is considered as the start-up hub for many entrepreneurs and investors. This press review contains opinions of entrepreneurs on the start-up and technology scene of Switzerland including Google’s Eric Schmidt and three successful entrepreneurs.

Google will continue to develop in Zurich
Google has created over 1600 jobs since its existence in Zurich making it the third largest location worldwide after California and New York. “Schweiz am Sonntag” talked to Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Davos2016. “To invest in Zurich was the best decision we ever took”, said Schmidt. And he is optimistic about the future because “everybody loves Zurich.”

Peter Vogel makes a case for start-ups in Switzerland
In his interview with TechCrunch at Davos2016, Peter Vogel, a serial entrepreneur, consultant and assistant professor for technology entrepreneurship, argued that Switzerland is a great place to start up a company. Vogel points out that Switzerland has a long history of churning out successful companies. He admits late stage capital is tough to come by in the small country, but there is an active network of angel investors and early stage VCs. Plus, there’s the location of Switzerland. It’s in the middle of everything.

The most innovative country and best for start-ups
After founding four successful companies (Computer 2000, Infinigate, WebStock, BlueRoads), Axel Schultze decided to help other entrepreneurs turn innovative technology into great economic successes and started Society3 in San Francisco. After 15 years in Silicon Valley he moved to Switzerland late 2015. In a blog post he considers Switzerland as the most innovative and best country to start a business. The process of getting the residence permit is challenging, however, after settling the results are astonishing. Switzerland offers not only economic and geographical advantages to start-ups due to its stability but it also carries a positive reputation across the globe, which facilitates globalisation.

Swiss founders have an entrepreneurial spirit in them
Michael Stucky, former CEO and founder of GlycoVaxyn successfully closed a mega deal by selling his company for $212M. In his interview with Tages Anzeiger he highlights that the reason why the Swiss are considered to have an entrepreneurial spirit in them is because when they start a company, they aim at making it outstanding and not selling it, which later makes a difference.


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