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SWISSto12 closes Series A financing round

05.01.2016 14:17

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The financing round was led by Constantia New Business GmbH. Private Swiss investors also joined. The funding provided will serve the industrialisation of SWISSto12’s production process.

SWISSto12 pioneers the development and commercialisation of radio-frequency (RF) antenna, waveguide and filter products based on additive manufacturing. The company specialises in product designs, which are 3D printed in highperformance plastics and subsequently metal plated through a proprietary process. This novel approach to manufacturing replaces traditional machining of metallic materials. In this context, SWISSto12 products feature drastic weight reductions, extended design flexibility and reduced production costs.

Products are mainly commercialised for high data-throughput satellite telecommunication. Modern satellite systems operate at increasingly higher frequencies to support high data rate transfer. Key elements to enable these systems are high-performance antenna, waveguide and filter products. To allow users to receive and transmit data, RF products are needed on board satellites as well as on the ground. In both cases, weight and cost reductions are key to optimise the overall services, allowing for a larger market adoption of satellite-based high-speed internet connections in airplanes, ships, trains, and ground vehicles. Moreover, these systems will create opportunities in developing countries and in areas of low population densities, where ground infrastructure is lacking.

The funding provided will serve the industrialisation of SWISSto12’s production process and its certification against use in space and aeronautical environments. “This is a major milestone that will allow us to move from the existing product validation we have been working on with our customers, to an industrialised and certified product portfolio. It is a pleasure for us to bring Constantia New Business on board and benefit from their strong industrial heritage”, says Dr. Emile de Rijk, co-founder and CEO of SWISSto12.

“We are very much looking forward to working with the team at SWISSto12 and support their international growth plans. The company’s innovative technology has already received excellent feedback from industry leading customers”, says Sabine Fleischmann, who will represent Constantia New Business on the SWISSto12 board. Constantia New Business GmbH is the corporate venture capital branch of Constantia Industries AG in Vienna, Austria. The industrial group’s companies operate in diverse international markets like the building industry, the furniture industry, sporting goods, engine and generator building, aviation as well as the solar and energy business.

The occasion of this financing round was also used by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne to join as a minority shareholder and by Dr. Alessandro Macor, a departing co-founder, to profitably reduce his shareholding in the company.

In parallel to its activities in satellite telecommunications, SWISSto12 also has a strong product heritage in scientific instrumentation applications (Test&Measurement), where it has an established customer portfolio.


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