Swiss start-up launches Tinder for artworks

11.01.2016 08:24

Timo Hahn and Matthias Dörner want to democratise the art market all over Europe with their app called wydr. It’s a kind of Tinder for Art - using “swipe to like” for paintings, wydr allows users to easily express their opinion, turn their favourites into personal galleries, and buy the art they love.

The founders of wydr met during their 1.5-year executive MBA. Despite or because of the fact that Matthias is colour-blind he always had a very personal view on and access to art. Wydr was ultimately born as one of the assignments for Timo’s and Matthias’ MBA. Winning the Start-up Weekend in Zurich was the operational start for them and Timo and Matthias are still striving to help artists and art lovers to connect in a new way.

The two founders found out that it is a common problem to find affordable but still unique art for ones homes. Most people are tired of generic posters from furniture stores and the intimidating way that you are treated in classic galleries with only little money in your pockets. At the same time artists have problems with getting exposure for their work. The question art lovers and artists are confronted with is why does it need to be so hard to find each other? Timo and Matthias’s answer to this problem is wydr – an open art-trading platform, and an easy access to the art world.

wydr app

The platform basically provides three features for art lovers:

  • Explore the art world by using the easy way of swiping right to like and swiping left to not in order to express your opinion.
  • Find your favourites and filter them according to your needs depending on size and/or price range.
  • Buy the ones you love as soon as you have found it and want to be the first and only one to possess this unique piece of art.

On the other hand wydr enables artists and dealers to showcase and ultimately sell artworks.

The iOS App has just been released with the Android App soon to follow.


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