Scrona accumulates CHF 250,000 from crowdfunding

21.01.2016 10:00

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The ETH spin-off Scrona has successfully achieved its funding goal with CHF 247.688 on Kickstarter for their product µPeek, a credit card-sized microscope that connects wirelessly to a smartphone.

A month ago Scrona launched a campaign on Kickstarter seeking funds for the credit card sized microscope called µPeek. Initially the team was seeking a total amount of CHF 100,000 and to their surprise they have accumulated more than a double of what they were initially looking forward too. These funds will foster the production of the product.

µPeek is a sleek gadget that lets users perform microscopy with their smartphones in an equally abundant and artistic way as they do photography. µPeek works in a simple and convenient way with almost any specimen that catches the users’ attention. µPeek is the first smartphone microscope that combines the functionality of a full-fledged microscope with pleasing aesthetics, true everyday portability and user-friendly operation via an Android/iOS App.

Despite its sleek form factor, µPeek is full of technology. A motorized 4-element lens creates undistorted high-quality images and sophisticated illumination optics put the specimen in the right light. Everything is wirelessly controlled by the supplied App.

To push the educational and social aspect of µPeek, a community platform will be introduced after the product launch. This platform will allow pictures and specific illumination settings to be exchanged between its users. As µPeek allows taking undistorted, high-quality images users will not be restricted to only share their findings but they can also express them in the most beautiful manner. Information on the platform will also become relevant where µPeek is used for professional purposes. For example, easy access to intellectual data via abundant mobile networks could help in off-site diagnostics in remote third world locations.

“It's incredible! µPeek has not just been founded, it has nearly passed 200% of its funding goal, thereby unlocking even our last stretch goal. With exactly 1'435 people that have commited to this project and to us as its creators. There are just no words to describe how this feels at the moment. What we can say though is that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this project a reality and for believing in us” comment from the Scrona team on Kickstarter.

A lot of time, effort, and passion have been put into this project.  The team strongly believes in µPeek– and the fact that a lot of monetary investment has gone into product development and patents proves their faith and intent. Production will start henceforth in order to deliver to their customers on time.


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