Ludicious moves to top gear

27.01.2016 08:20

The second edition of Ludicious was a success. Over 3’000 game professionals and aficionados participated in the Ludicious conference, the talks and workshops, or visited the exhibitions. Within «Ludicious Business» and the M3 Match-Making Module, over 140 meetings between investors and developers took place.

The second edition of Ludicious took place from January 21 to 24, 2016, in Zürich, Switzerland. Over 3’000 people visited the exhibitions in which over 50 games could be played, as well as the workshops, talks, panels and side events of Ludicious - Zürich Game Festival. With over 400 visitors, the number of conference attendees almost doubled compared to the last edition. «We are very happy with this year’s edition. The quality of the games, especially of those from Switzerland, was praised by the juries as well as by international publishers,» says Dominik Marosi, director of Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival.

At the opening night on Thursday, January 21, «Schlicht» by Team Schlicht won the Game Connection Award at the Game Connection pitch. The prize is a free ticket to Game Connection in 2016. The Game Connection Pitch was part of «Ludicious Business» and the M3 Match-Making Module, which is supported by the Engagement Migros development fund. The Match-Making Module was a full success, with over 140 meetings between developers and investors arranged. Over 300 people attended the Game Connection Pitch on Thursday, or one of the two panels organized within the framework of the module.

Another highlight of the festival was the award ceremony for the «International Competition» and «Student Competition». The winner of the «Ludicious Award» is «Prune» by Joel McDonald from the USA. The «Outstanding Talent Award» for the best student project went to «FAR» by Don Schmocker who studied at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

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