Comfylight: Funding target achieved in seven hours

25.01.2016 10:30

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ComfyLight, the developer of the first movement sensing bulb, which is used as a protection method for homes in the absence of the householders, started a campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of 50,000 Euros to fund the production of the LED light bulb. The company has so far collected almost 80,000 Euros.

ComfyLight, is a university spin-off of the ETH Zurich and University of St. Gallen specializing in smart light bulbs, has started its Kickstarter campaign with positive results. The company started a campaign to fund  production  of  its  smart  light  bulb  that  actively  protects  homes  from intruders. In three days, the company has received a sum of over 78,000 Euros. Comfylight  has now announced the first stretch goal. If the campaign reaches 150,000 Euros the start-up will develop an API to enable integration with other devices, like smart doorbells or, for instance, Philips Hue.

The ComfyLight bulb makes burglars believe that the home-owners are at present when they are away. The bulb is learns the movements of the people at home and  automatically  simulates their behaviour when they are out, without  requiring complicated programming of timers and settings. This service thus makes the home less attractive to burglars and intruders. The ComfyLight's presence sensor detects unexpected movements in the home and alerts users to what's happening on their smartphone. In addition to the bulb, users are able to download the Comfylight App, which enables them to see what is taking place in their homes as well as switch the lights on and off from wherever they are.

Stefanie Tuber, CEO and Co-founder of ComfyLight: "Our research into the Internet of Things at the University of St. Gallen gave us some valuable insights into the smart home market. We were unable to find a security solution that gives home owners and tenants a peace of mind. Conventional systems don’t trigger an alarm until the burglary has already happened – they don’t proactively protect the home. Plus, installation is often quite complex”

About Company ComfyLight
ComfyLight AG is a university spin-off of the ETH Zurich and University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. The company was founded by Stefanie Turber and Marcus Köhler in 2015, based on three years of research and development around the Internet of Things. The company is located in Zurich and Munich. ComfyLight has received a substantial number of awards since 2014 including the CES innovation Award.

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