Xovis' sensors at Canadian airports

20.01.2016 14:46

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has awarded a contract for the purchase and supply of tracking sensors to Xovis AG.

The sensors will be used by CATSA to anonymously track the flow of passengers and predict processing times of passengers at Canadian airport security checkpoints. Therefore they will be integrated with CATSA’s existing Boarding Pass Security System (BPSS). Sensors are already installed at Edmonton International Airport and will be installed in the new terminal at Calgary International Airport, with a further nationwide rollout possible following an assessment at these locations.

“CATSA evaluated different queue and passenger flow measurement systems and determined that the best option is Xovis AG’s system. Their requirements for the tracking sensors are demanding, but Xovis has demonstrated that they have the experience, leading edge technology and outstanding solution design capabilities to meet CATSA’s needs,” David Studer, CEO of Xovis, proudly states. “The contract award by CATSA is an important step for Xovis, as a governmental organization and Crown corporation puts its trust in Xovis. This large roll-out further strengthens our leading position in the passenger flow measurement sector for airports.”

About Xovis
Xovis is a Swiss high-tech company that develops, manufactures and distributes a person tracking technology based on its own portfolio of world-class 3D person tracking sensors. Besides the sensors, Xovis develops software solutions to target the requirements of specific markets: Xovis is the worldwide market leader in waiting time measurements and passenger flow analysis in airports today. The PC series sensors are establishing as the industry standard for people counting in retail applications. The Xovis’ promise of Swiss Made Quality includes long-life hardware quality, unmatched tracking and counting accuracy as well as highest environmental robustness and ease of use. A sophisticated data privacy concept with four different data privacy modes ensures a broad field of applications.

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