Qualcomm acquires kooaba

10.01.2014 14:19

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Qualcomm is one of the largest semiconductor companies worldwide and focusses on wireless telecommunications products and services. Today kooaba CEO Till Quack announced that the Swiss start-up has been acquired by Qualcomm.

Kooaba was founded in 2007 with the vision that image recognition on mobile devices will make the world around us interactive. Kooaba’s image recognition technology allows for identifying objects in images. Once objects are identified, kooaba is able to provide additional information about them, e.g. related web-pages, description, tags etc.

The ETH spin-off was now acquired by Qualcomm. “The kooaba team is excited to be working on the future of visual recognition and augmented reality with our new colleagues from the Vuforia team”, comments CEO Till Quack on the kooaba website.

Vuforia is a software platform that enables creative branded augmented reality (AR) app experiences across real world environments, giving mobile apps the power to see. The Vuforia platform uses computer vision-based image recognition and offers a wide set of features and capabilities, giving developers the freedom to extend their visions without technical limitations. With support for iOS, Android, and Unity 3D, the Vuforia platform allows developers to write a single native app that can reach the most users across the widest range of smartphones and tablets.

The Vuforia platform is a part of Qualcomm. The company headquartered in San Diego is the world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies. In the fiscal year 2013 which ended September 29, 2013 Qualcomm delivered revenues of $25 billion, up 30% versus last year.

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