More than CHF400 million in venture capital for Swiss start-ups

11.01.2013 14:08

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Swiss start-ups know how to attract investors. Last year, more than 65 Swiss young companies managed to secure venture capital, generating well in excess of CHF400 million. This is the main message of startupticker’s Venture Capital Report 2012.
In recent years, the Swiss start-up scene has vastly improved in terms of quality and quantity, and as a result young entrepreneurs have become increasingly attractive to investors. Last year, young Swiss companies generated more than CHF400 million in venture capital. This figure compares very favourably with other European countries; for example, in Germany a relatively modest €690 million in venture capital was generated by start-ups in 2011. This is one of the main messages of the new startupticker’s Venture Capital Report 2012.

Of the 67 companies, which published information about their financing rounds, 29 are from the ICT, 10 from biotech and 12 from the medtech sector. The strength of ICT and medtech start-ups is also reflected in the invested sum. In 2012 CHF 188 million went to ICT companies and CHF118 million to medical technology start-ups followed by biotechnology (CHF101 million). Thus, start-up companies in the life sciences generated significantly more capital overall than IT companies.

The figures can be found in the first startupticker Venture Capital Report, based on continuous reporting by the news portal on financing rounds by Swiss start-ups. The report contains a statistical analysis of the financing rounds, the 10 largest investments and a complete listing of all financing rounds. A PDF version of the report can be downloaded free.

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