Fuel Supplies (C.I.) Ltd awards Silentsoft a 5 year contract

11.01.2013 09:50
Fuel Supplies (C.I.) Ltd has awarded a contract to Silentsoft for the provision of remote monitoring services to its customers following a successful pilot.

Fuel Supplies (C.I.) Ltd, the leading petroleum supplier in Jersey and Guernsey, is now rolling out a vendor managed inventory service to its customers.

“We are encouraged to have been selected by Fuel Supplies (C.I.) Ltd as its partner for the vendor managed inventory service. We look forward to being an integral part of its future success” said Charles Upchurch, Silentsoft CEO.

“Following the positive results from the pilot, we are delighted to embark on our new partnership with Silentsoft. By implementing a remote monitoring system, we are able to differentiate ourselves from competitors and continue to improve the service offering we provide our customers.” commented Arnaud Havard, Managing Director of Fuel Supplies (C.I.) Ltd.

Silentsoft SA is a European leader in telemetry for bulk product inventory monitoring and building energy management. Silentsoft is an end to end solution provider including hardware, field services, data processing and the provision of business information to its customers. Its innovations are the result of ten years of continual development that serve 30,000 active control points. The company was awarded the CTI Start-up label in 2004.

Since 1955 Fuel Supplies (C.I.) Ltd has been the Channel Island’s leading supplier of fuel and heating services. In 2008 Fuel Supplies (C.I.) Ltd was purchased by the Rubis Group who have committed to an extensive programme of infrastructure investment and customer service implementation to ensure the Channel Islands have a long term and sustainable future.

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