SEF4KMU hits the 50th awarded label

14.02.2019 09:04

The "SEF4KMU.High-Potential-KMU" is a quality label bestowed on to startups and young SMEs that have a robust growth strategy. Launched in 2013, the 50th and the 51st label were now awarded. The newly selected startups are Batmaid und Sherpany.

SEF4KMU launched the SEF4KMU.High-Potential-KMU label to promote high-growth young companies and SMEs on a tailor-made basis. In every selection round, a committee of experts identifies companies that have an outstanding growth strategy that will receive the quality label.

Selected Startups benefit from a wide range of services offered by the initiative such as the financing module that enables companies to raise equity or debt capital and grant advanced payment guarantees.

Since the establishment in 2013, the SEF4KMU team of 60 experts has received 623 applications, conducted 127 strategy checks and awarded 51 companies the label. Last year the experts awarded the label to selFrag AG, AAAccell AG, smart-me AG, Winterthur Instruments AG and greenTEG AG. The newly-awarded companies, Vanguard Internet SA (Batmaid) and Agilentia AG (Sherpany) marked the 50th and 51st awarded startups.

Batmaid, developed by Vanguard Internet SA, is a booking platform active in Switzerland and Luxembourg for sourcing professional, qualified, regional staff for household cleaning. With a team of 35 employees and more than 1000 cleaners registered with the platform, Batmaid also attracted Investis to invest in the company through a 10% equity acquisition.

Agilentia, the company behind Sherpany, developed a user-friendly platform that simplifies communication between management and the board of directors. With Sherpany, companies can eliminate the administrative burden, gain more time for preparation and make better-informed decisions. Besides Switzerland, the solution is also available in five other countries.


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