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CHF 500’000 FIT Growth loan for Xsensio

05.02.2019 16:03
Xsensio's chip

The startup’s Lab-on-Skin sensing platform aims to extend the functionality of wearable devices with continuous monitoring of biochemical parameters on the skin’s surface to provide real-time health information, for example about dehydration and fatigue. The Growth FIT loan will be used to advance Xsensio’s commercialization.

Developed in collaboration with the Nanoelectronic Devices Laboratory of EPFL (Nanolab), Xsensio’s miniature-sized chip (25 mm2) collects sweat, based on microcapillarity forces, then reads and analyzes its composition in real time. Thus, it can measure a multitude of biomarkers ranging from electrolytes and metabolites to molecules and proteins. Users are provided with real-time personalized data, which will allow them to detect dehydration, fatigue or muscle cramps, for example, and later on also disease risk factors.

Now, the startup, which was founded in 2014, received a Growth loan of 500’000 Swiss francs by the Fondation pour l’innovation technologique (FIT). «The FIT funds will allow us to advance in the commercialization of our sensing platform with pharmaceutical and technological companies as partners and accelerate our growth», says Esmeralda Megally, CEO and co-founder of Xsensio.

The FIT Growth loan – ranging between 300’000 to 500’000 Swiss francs – is awarded while a company accelerates its commercial development and is linked to the development of added-value activities in the canton of Vaud, with the product already having obtained a commercial market validation. The project must be set up in collaboration with or emanate from a Swiss-French institute or university.

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