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08.02.2018 13:45

Several companies are capitalising on Swiss technology for their break-through innovations. Intel used the technology from Lemoptix for their recently revealed smart glasses, vaunt while Dreamscape Immersive’s Alien Zoo relies on Artanim’s virtual reality technology to allow people to dive into the cinematic world with their own avatar.

Three years ago Intel Corporation acquired Lemoptix, an EPFL spin off that developed and patented a MEMS laser scanning micro projection technology that facilitates the development of next generation mobile human/machine interaction and augmented reality. Applications of Lemoptix technology range from automotive head up displays (HUD) to embedded projectors in smartphones and low power wearable displays and 3D sensing.

Intel has now revealed its first product using this innovative technology: «Vaunt». The Smart glasses were developed using MEMS technology for generating images, which are then projected directly onto the users’ eyeball. Marco Boella, former CEO and co-founder of Lemoptix who is currently director at Intel’s New Devices Group confirmed that the MEMS scanning projection technology was developed by Lemoptix.

While wearing them, the user sees a stream of information on what looks like a screen — yet it is essentially being projected onto their retina. Moreover, unlike current smart glasses on the market, Vaunt smart glasses are indistinguishable from regular glasses and can be used as prescription glasses too. In their video, the Verge, demonstrates the functionality and technology of the glasses.

Virtual reality meets Hollywood
Swisstech is also prevalent in the cinematography industry. The VR entertainment company Dreamscape Immersive has been cooperating Artanim, a Swiss startup specialising in motion capture technologies to bring new experiences for the public. After the presentation their VR_I - 100% virtual dance piece at the Sundance festival, Dreamscape Immersive is now running a debut of their new project, Alien Zoo at Westfield Century City.

Alien Zoo is a 12-minute multisensory, 360-degree VR video that uses body-mapping technology created by the Geneva based startup Artanim. The technology allows up to six participants to step into a cinematic world by means of an avatar that moves with their every step as they see, smell, hear and feel the story. Forty-minute time slots involve gearing up with sensor-equipped gloves, shoe covers, a backpack and a headset.

“Our partners at Artanim come from the world of medical imaging; because of their understanding of how the body works, we are able to track relatively little information – the position of the hands and head and feet – and the algorithms fill in all the blanks,” says Dreamworks Immersive co-chairman Walter Parkes, co-founder and long-time president of DreamWorks Entertainment to THR

Picture: Alien zoo trailer


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