Proxeus raises $25 Million in 2 Days

09.02.2018 13:40

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Proxeus has developed what they call the Wordpress for blockchain technology. When it came to raising money for the pursuit of their project they relied on their beta-testers as investors and were able to collect $25 Million at their Token Generating Event in only two days.

Businesses had to build websites in the 90’s, online shops in the 2000’s and mobile applications in the 2010’s in order to stay competitive and relevant. Soon they will have to make their processes compatible with blockchain technology. Proxeus has built a solution which allows anyone to create a document-centered blockchain application (DApp) – without any prior programming knowledge.

Going into this financing round they had one advantage: contrary to many other ICOs Proxeus already had a beta version of their product. That is why they chose to rely on their Proof of Concept (PoC) projects, which they introduced to industry clients by promoting Proxeus at conferences.

This community of beta-testers was able to help Proxeus raise enough capital for the pursuit of the project. Once the token sale on February 1 was launched, they were able to collect a total of $25 Million from 795 contributors within 48 hours. The number of contributors is this high as the maximal contribution per buyer was capped at $80,000 in order to create a broader user base.

As for the future the Proxeus team surrounding founders Patrick Allemann and Antione Verdon will go back to testing and building the program to get the final version of it.


(Bild: Pixabay)

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