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14.02.2018 09:50
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Investors act as a fuel for several startups seeking to reach their development and growth goals. Startupticker has put together a list of over 80 investors who are actively investing in startups. Also active international investors have been included.

The number of Swiss startups receiving investments from investors and business angels has continued to increase over the years. The recently published Swiss Venture Capital Report has shown 175 startups raised a total of 938 million Swiss Francs with a 40% increase in the median which rose from CHF2.2million in 2016 to CHF3.5 million in 2017. This growing trend is owed to the active role of various investors.

Startupticker has compiled a list of investors including business angel clubs, venture capitalists and corporate Venture capitalists, investment banks as well as business angels that are involved in financing rounds of startups from seed- to later stage and to growth stage investment.

Foreign investors have also continued to show stronger interest in Swiss startups. This has been manifested in the current Swiss Venture Capital report in which 80 percent of the top ten financing rounds came from abroad. Thus, Startupticker has included some of the most active foreign and/or international venture capital companies.

Organised according to the date of the recent investment, each listed investor is linked to the relevant news-items which have been published on the Startupticker platform over the years.

The investors list is available in the Assets section on Startupticker.

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